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United Small Business of California

United Small Business of California was founded on the proposition that each and every small business, and small business owner, deserves to be heard in Sacramento. California business people can no longer afford to immerse themselves in their day-to-day operations and ignore the triple threats of excessive taxation, over–regulation, and lawsuit abuse. From that vision has sprung United Small Business. The USB concept is that small business owners throughout our state will have a significant influence on business-related legislative issues if they stay informed and act collectively under USB's respected banner.

United Small Business of California was the brainchild of Malcolm Lunn, Chairman of the Board. Mr. Lunn spent thirty years with the United States Chamber of Commerce, from which he retired as the all-time revenue producer in the Chamber's history. Mr. Lunn is responsible for the briefings that are sent to members and affiliates 10-12 times per year.

Members of United Small Business of California include individual small businesses from throughout California, including industrial, service, wholesale and distributors. Our goal is to bring the voice of the small business community to the legislators in Sacramento making and voting on the legislation which impacts our community. Our philosophy is that while one voice crying out for less tax and a sensible regulatory environment will not be the impetus that sparks significant change in that regard, thousands of voices will. The key to effective action is through a communication network of our membership base speaking as a collective voice to their legislature and other officials. It is these legislators and officials that require business to implement (and pay for), their laws, mandates, and policies. As these demands on business have increased, our state's business climate has deteriorated. It is time for small business to use every means at hand to get the point across. Small business in California deserves better than it is getting

Join the Fight!

We are supported entirely with the contributions of small businesses throughout the state. Members receive updates 10-12 times a year via fax or e-mail regarding pertinent legislative issues and/or bills. These updates are forwarded on to the legislators themselves on behalf of our entire membership. Members may also receive phone calls throughout the year regarding particular issues, special projects, or pieces of urgent legislation that require their immediate attention. Our members may contact us at any time on any legislation they have questions about. Member surveys are conducted to determine their utmost concerns. We hope you will take part in our mission, realizing that the voice you raise today in Sacramento may save your California small business from extinction tomorrow! Remember, as Justice Powell stated "the time has come, indeed, it is long overdue- for the wisdom, ingenuity, and resources of American business to be marshaled against those who would destroy it".

Take action today!


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