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California Vital Issues Archive

Good News for California Businesses!

The following "Employer Killer" bills are probably dead for this year. They all missed a legislative deadline to pass the House in which they were introduced.

AB10-(Alejo-D-Watsonville) Automatic minimum wage increase: This bill would have imposed an automatic indexing of the minimum wage whether or not our state was in a recession or not recovered from a recession

AB59-(Swanson-D-Alameda) Family and Medical Leave expansion: Would add an increased burden on employers- would make a California-only mandated benefit different than the federal Family Leave Act by significantly expanding the category of individuals with serious health conditions for whom an employee can take a leave of absence

AB400(Ma-D-San Francisco) Mandate for paid sick leave: This mandate would unreasonably expand both public and private employers costs and liability by mandating employers to provide paid sick leave for employees

SB129(Leno-D-San Francisco) Employee Safety Risk: Undermines employers ability to provide a safe and drug-free workplace by establishing a protected classification for employees who utilize medical marijuana

SB237(Wolk-D-Davis) Climate change tax increase: This bill would increase employer costs tremendously and discourage job growth by implementing unlimited fees and taxes under a cap-and-trade system

SB242(Corbett-D-San Leandro) Technology sector liability: IF this is at all possible it worsens California’s reputation as a highly litigious state by exposing tech-sector employers to unlimited civil liability and creates a pathetic regulatory scheme with which internet firms must comply

SB246(DeLeon-D-Los Angeles) Discourage emission reductions: Prohibits finding the most cost-effective ways to reduce emissions creates uncertainty and significantly increases business costs by imposing new and excessively burdensome requirements on the development and use of compliance offsets in a cap-and-trade program

SB653(Steinberg-D-Sacramento) Multiple tax increases: Creates tremendous uncertainty by providing California’s 58 counties and over 1000 school districts subject to voter approval, the authority to impose and/or increase a tax on all products and services

SB761(Lowenthal-D-Long Beach) Another regulatory burden: Creates an unnecessary and in our viewpoint, unconstitutional regulatory burden on internet commerce by indirectly regulating virtually all businesses that collect, use or store information from a website.

Let your legislators know what you think of these "anti-business" bills and other bills like them


Malcolm Lunn
United Small Business of California

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