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February Action Call

United Small Business of California has been outraged over the punitive, costly legislation passed in our state year after year after year. Due to the budget debacle we now have a window of opportunity to suspend six recently-passed job-killer bills, at least until the end of the recession. We need your help to make it happen.

SBX 1 1, introduced by Senator Chuck Poochigian and co-authored by Assemblyman Sharon Runner, would halt the following job-killer legislation:
  1. AB 60 (Knox) The 8-hour overtime legislation Remember, only Alaska and California have this requirement. A halt to this legislation would assist our businesses greatly in terms of controlling overtime costs.
  2. AB 749 (Calderon) Record-setting workers compensation benefit increases were the result of this bill.
  3. SB 9675 (Alarcon) This bill requires prevailing wages to be paid on any private project that receives public assistance.
  4. AB 2509 (Goldberg) Allows local jurisdiction to establish and enforce local version of labor laws
  5. AB 2816 (Shelley) Requires temporary employee placement services to provide workers compensation insurance based on the modification rate of their client, rather than on the safety record of the employment company
  6. SB 1156 (Burton) and AB 2596 (Wesson) Requires binding arbitration for agricultural employees
Background Information:
The state legislative analyst's office has pointed out that our state has lost more than 230,000 manufacturing jobs in just the last two years. California now has the third highest cost of doing business in the United States; 32% above the national average and by far the highest in the western states. We urge you and your employees to contact your legislator to voice your support of SBX1 1.

We also encourage you to pass this action call on to other business owners. We would appreciate you providing us their names and addresses so that we may follow up with them. Please copy United Small Business of California on all company correspondence.

Next month USB will review a letter to Governor Davis outlining a "California Grace Commission", which would scrutinize all California's expenditures.

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