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Are we the only organization that blanches over Governor Davis' "Pay-to Play" mentality? One of the worst examples of this is the California Peace Officers Association contribution of $251,000 in March, 2002. We believe that every voter in this great state should scrutinize the details of this contribution, and let your representative know what you think of the extremely lucrative labor pact that was signed two months before Governor Davis received this contribution. Prison guards will receive approximately a 33% increase by 2006. The guards also received a wealth of benefits, including a retirement age of 50, at as much as 90% of their latest salary.

What is amazing about all of this is that it was all done in a climate where the Governor and the legislature knew that our state is facing the largest deficit in its history. Yet it was overwhelmingly ratified by the legislature in January. Even more amazing is that the details of the agreement are only now becoming public facts, such as the salary increase will cost our state an additional $700 million per year. The lifetime pension up to 90% will cost California "only" $22 million per year, however, with a life expectancy of 75 years of age, that pension increase will eventually cost our state $550 million per year. What is troubling is that all of this was negotiated knowing that California was headed for a major budget shortfall.

Unfortunately, the prison guard situation is not an isolated incident. Governor Davis also had the heads of three state agencies appearing before a California legislative committee, each one telling the committee that someone else had verified claims that a very expensive new computer software program would save the taxpayer a tremendous amount of money. As it turns out, this "REAL DEAL" WILL COST THE TAXPAYERS MANY TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Yet another example of Governor Davis' managerial incompetence.

Last, but certainly not least, with Governor Davis' intelligence and reputation as a master of details, how could he claim that he had no knowledge of the Oracle campaign contribution details? He claims he had no knowledge, even though the campaign contribution had been excepted by a state employee and the situation surrounding it in which Governor Davis' top advisors awarded it was highly unusual to say the least.

There may be naysayers that contend USB's problem with Governor Davis is personal, or it is because he represents a specific political party. Nonsense. The facts are the facts, and the facts do not lie. It matters not at all what political party he represents. A political party did not make decisions that created the budget debacle- Governor Davis made those decisions. A political party was not at the helm when the other transactions were consummated- Governor Davis was. The fact is that California is now facing a budget deficit in excess of $23 billion dollars, the largest in history. To put that number in perspective, some 40 other states are also facing shortfalls as well, but their combined gaps come to a total of $20 billion dollars. How will this deficit be repaid? California businesses will be asked once again to carry the deficit on our backs, and we at United Small Business of California find this situation tragic and appalling.

We are not a political party advocacy group. We are a small business advocacy group. However, as we approach election time, we ask everyone to vote. This great state needs all concerned voters to speak up. We are doing our part to disseminate the issues we feel most directly impact you, our member's, ability to achieve an adequate return on your investment in your California business. We rely on you to do your part at the voting polls to make sure the leadership in this state is helping you achieve this same adequate return on your investment.

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