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California Vital Issues Archive

News & Vital Issues

Read through some of the past issues we have archived here to see the type of information and support you can expect from USB.

Recent Correspondence:

Obamacare Declared a Disaster!!

Want to Know; How is ObamaCare working for YOUR Business?

Celebrates an Anniversary???!!

Archived Newsletters:

Wants to Recap 2014 in the Wake of November Successes!!

Reviews the First Month of Obama’s Lame Duck!!

Consider The Realities Of The Past 6 Years!

The Folly of Obamacare!!

The Continued Folly of Obamacare!!

How Optimistic Are You About Your Children’s Future?

The 2013 Post-Labor Day State of the Union!!!

A Train Wreck Happing Right Before Our Eyes!!!
(Part 1

ObamaCare a Major Train Wreck!!! (Part 2)

Obamacare an Inescapable Train Wreck!!! (Part 3)

The Top Ten tax Increases in President Obama’s Budget

Myths About the Minimum Wage

To Cut Waste, Refuse New Taxes and Reduce the Size of Goverment!!

Your Response Reguarding the Sequester, (PART I)

NLRB Ruling - Ridiculous Labor Ruling Will Impact Your Business!

Why We Need To Drill for Our Own Oil Now!!

Get Out the Vote 2010 - Part 1

Get Out the Vote 2010 - Part 2

Congress Retains Cadillac Care While Citizens Get Cluncker Care, Part III

Congress Retains Cadillac Care While Citizens Get Cluncker Care, Part II

Cadillac Care vs. Cluncker Care, Part I

Cap & Trade Call to Action

Big Labor's Top 10 Wish List

Dear President-Elect Obama

The Wizard of "OB" Test

Senator Barack Obama - Why I Will Not Vote For You

The 3 a.m. Phone Call - McCain Answers...

Open Letter to Senator John McCain

The Beck Decision

Balanced Budget/Tax Limitation Amendment

Election Issues; Get out the Vote!

25 Reasons Why John Kerry Should Not Be President

Vital National Issues:

National Right to Work Act - A Petition

Balanced Budget Amendment - A Petition

USB Special Projects:

Small Business News & Blogs:


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