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Want to Know; How is ObamaCare working for YOUR Business?

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Five years ago, without a single Republican vote, the most intrusive legislation ever passed affecting business operations became law. Although many promises at reform and efforts to repeal have been attempted, once again the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Obama Administration, this time by “interpreting” the English language to mean something that even a grade school student would challenge.

So how has the Affordable Care Act affected YOUR business?

Have you moved your worker to fewer hours, stopped your plans to expand, completely eliminated healthcare from the perks you offer your employees?

Last week, small business owners testified before a Senate hearing regarding the 2010 health care overhaul – specifically, that the ACA has only made purchasing health insurance for employees less predictable, more complicated, and very expensive.

As one business owner complained to the Senate Health subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security, the ACA has greatly reduced choice, affordability, and reliability. Another businessman said that the sudden changes in cost and the unpredictability of secure rates have proven very detrimental to his access. His insurance premiums increased by 40% and his broker had to schedule 7 different meetings with each of his employees just to assure their options, a huge waste of man hours with much confusion.

As was recently reported in the Washington Standard, three suggestions have been offered to lawmakers to at least minimize the blow:

  • First, Congress needs to REPEAL the imminent small group market expansion, which, if left unadjusted, would drive up premiums astronomically for nearly 2/3 of insurance group members with 50-100 employees. This will go into effect next year;
  • Second, REPEAL the employer mandate. The cost and burden of compliance as well as the increased reporting requirement outweighs any advantages, even with minimal coverage expansion;
  • Lastly, REPEAL the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) and the 40% excise tax. HIT went into effect in 2014 and levies an additional tax on plans sold on the fully-insured market. Small businesses comprise 88% of the companies purchasing through that market. Eventually that tax will impact the majority of plans offered by employers and will force them to either pay the tax or the employer mandate penalty.

Can you think of any reason why this excessively burdensome legislation should be allowed to stand?!!

WE CAN’T EITHER!! Prepare to join us in the fight against ObamaCare in 2016 with the goal of repealing and replacing the ACA in its entirety!!

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Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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