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USB Wants to Recap 2014 in the Wake of November Successes!!

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In November 2014 the American people spoke decisively. With 247 seats in the House of Representatives and 54 seats in the Senate, the 114th United States Congress has the largest Republican majority since the 71st Congress of 1929–1931. Americans were not happy with Washington, DC and wanted Congress to get to work to solve our national problems.

However, within days of a clear mandate for return to Conservative values, President Obama threatened not only to veto bills he deemed “impossible to sign,” he took active steps to impose his will contrary to the voices of the people by instituting through Executive Order his long-threatened comprehensive immigration reforms. Essentially, it seems now, he will not only be granting “amnesty” to 4+ million illegal immigrants, but possibly as many as 7-8 million when it is all said and done. I want to take this opportunity to remind members of some of the biggest impositions/lies Obama has delivered in 2014:

  • Ruling by oppressive regulation, especially affecting small business - In the last few weeks of December, Obama administered over 1200 new regulations on top of 75,000 pages of new rules in 2014, adding a crushing $2 Trillion per year cost burden to sustain the Federal regulatory machinery.
  • Carbon and ozone emission standards – New EPA regulations that would lower the amount of ground-level ozone pollution that is considered healthy to breathe, which in turn could lead to costly new requirements for air pollution permits in much of the country.
  • The aforementioned immigration “reforms”…
  • Releasing Guantanamo terrorists in anticipation of complete closure – A high recidivism rate does not seem to deter President Obama, even in consideration of this past week’s horrible terrorist attacks in Paris, France, where only the US Ambassador to France actually walked with 40 world leaders in affirmation that the world must take proactive steps to stop terrorism, all the while he is…
  • Negotiating with Iran and Cuba while pressuring Israel to make concessions for MidEast peace.
  • Numerous rejections by the Supreme Court regarding his overreach in matters like when Congress is in session and the upcoming King v. Burwell challenge to ObamaCare before the Supreme Court.
  • President Obama’s direct opposition to Congress, especially the House, in regards to the “power of the purse,” the Congressional Review Act, and numerous lawsuits.
  • Jihadist groups on the rise – Huge rebound of global terrorism (ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram, Yemen, Libya, Australia, America), where active organizations have risen 58% since his May “War is Over” speech.
  • Decline of American influence in the world – With the imaginary “reset button” with Russia, seeing Eastern European countries threatened by Putin’s aggression, especially Ukraine, initiating a new Cold War with Russia.

With Obama’s obvious weak foreign policy and concentration on particularly divisive issues in domestic policy like the Ferguson riots and the politicized police “brutality” fiasco, the next two years of the President’s last term are particularly dangerous for America. Coupled with oppressive centralized government manipulated through his decision to act through Executive Orders to get what he wants? We must not stop emphasizing to Congress that we have had enough. A National Election Day is just around the corner. We must stay vigilant and involved to halt his devastating plans for Americans and for small business.

Malcolm C. Lunn
United Small Business of America
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Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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