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Consider The Realities Of The Past 6 Years!

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Earlier this year a poll by Reason surveyed 2000 adults online about the direction of our country under Obama. These are sobering results that affect not only small business but your personal welfare and livelihoods. Of those polled:

  • 50% trust neither party on privacy
  • 73% favor private accounts for Social Security savings
  • 51% want private SS accounts even if it means cutting benefits for current and future recipients
  • 64% say cutting government spending by just 5% would help the economy
  • 59% believe cutting taxes would help the economy
  • 57% prefer a smaller government providing fewer services with low taxes

Would you be surprised to discover that those polled were millennials, that is, 20-29 year olds? Over 1/3rd of those polled are living at home, burdened with school debt, and either underemployed or unemployed. Conversely in the polling 69% of those polled in this survey believe that it is government’s responsibility to provide everyone with healthcare, insurance and a living wage. Sounds like a contradiction in understanding economics, doesn’t it? The products of liberal progressive educations, millennials did not comprehend that a thriving economy is dependent upon a fully employed workforce, lower taxes and limited government intrusion and regulation. However, as soon as they become employed and realize with those first paychecks that THEY are footing the bill for social entitlements? They resist!! And many are beginning to understand what you already know – taxes, the Affordable Care Act, regulations, government overreach?

All are diminishing the quality of life in America and destroying the “American Dream” for future generations who will be forced to deal with our national debt and unsustainable entitlement programs. For every year since Obama took office in 2009, the US Government has run an annual budget deficit of more than $1 Trillion dollars. Under current law, including the mandates due to kick-in under ObamaCare, the Federal Debt held by the public will still exceed 100% of the US Gross Domestic Product by 2039. Who will pay that? By mid-Summer, the Federal Government had collected $2.3 Trillion in revenue, 8% more than the 1st nine months of Fiscal Year 2013. In June 2014 alone, the Federal Government spent roughly $5.8 MILLION PER MINUTE. And still, Washington is neither satisfied nor reigning in spending.

Only four things can stop this dangerous trend: 1) reducing spending, 2) stopping government overreach and cutting regulations, 3) cutting taxes, and 4) recognizing that very low business growth is diminishing revenues and instituting policies that encourage growth and small business development.

In just a few short days, Republicans stand a chance of winning back the Senate. Some polls place from 6 to as many as 10 seats moving to the GOP. And the stakes are high, millions are being spent by both parties, every vote will count. First, decide here and now that you are going to vote. And if you voted for Obama? Seriously consider that his policies and ObamaCare are literally destroying the economic vitality of this country and destroying small businesses. Vote for REAL CHANGE on November 4, 2014!!

Malcolm C. Lunn
United Small Business of America
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Download a printable version of this document(In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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