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The Continued Folly of OBAMACARE!!

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In a report dated August 2014, the New York Federal Reserve (a non-partisan agency) did a survey and discovered that at least 81% of businesses expect to pay far more for healthcare in 2015. This review is actually validated by the fact that insurance companies are already warning that rates must increase due to the illogical and consistent drain of ObamaCare mandates being realized after the turn of the year.

ObamaCare implementation is really hitting our economy where it hurts. In business banking alone, institutions are expecting a 10% increase in healthcare costs alone. In actuality, that is a HUGE increase and of course, banking businesses will pass that cost on to their workers in health insurance costs, plus their customers in non-absorbed increases. Employees will not only pay more for their share of the health care increases, they will be shelling out more for services and copays at point of sale.

President Obama promised that ObamaCare would “bend the cost curve down.” Do you remember that? But just the opposite is happening. In review?

  • Healthcare is increasing 3 times the rate of the cost of inflation.
  • Consumers are already seeing HUGE increases in healthcare costs
  • Payroll checks will necessarily decrease as healthcare costs are deducted
  • Workers will have to pay more out of pocket
  • If employers spend too much on insurance? They’ll get hit with an ObamaCare imposed “Cadillac Tax” (Don’t think the unions aren’t screaming about that!!)
  • It will be hard to repeal ObamaCare even if Republicans win both Houses of Congress

But it is imperative that Republicans win both the House and the Senate to at least have a chance of enacting any sort of reform for this disastrous mandate!! In reality, ObamaCare has proven to be just another of President Obama’s broken promises!! Remember that when you vote this November!! Elections do have consequences!!

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Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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