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Obamacare an Inescapable Train Wreck!!!

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Retiring Senator Max Baucus coined the phrase "train wreck" in reference to ObamaCare, but he completely underestimated the serious hurdles facing the legislation. He was referencing the execution of Obamacare--the political fallout, the ever-growing poll numbers against it, many missed deadlines, so much confusion! Obama, Reid and Pelosi pulled out all the stops to get this legislation enacted! Who could forget Nancy Pelosi's remark about the first major new entitlement in 45 years?

"WE have to pass the bill so that you can FIND OUT WHAT IS IN IT!"

Democrat leaders expected the people to love it, but most voters, especially young voters, have not embraced it. Neither did doctors, hospitals, insurers OR small businesses. Reuters has reported that the largest insurers, most of whom originally supported this legislation, have become reticent to enter the health insurance options. Millions were supposed to have access TO NUMEROUS HEALTH INSURANCE OPTIONS. In fact, "executives at the 4 largest U.S. health insurers say they are likely to sell insurance plans on less than a third of the exchanges, reluctant to venture out beyond the States where they already offer coverage." Insurers are not alone. Most of the public has wanted this legislation to be repealed since it passed, and that number continues to grow. The response has been so bad that the Obama Administration signed a $20 million public relations contract a year ago to try to change the public's mind about ACA. So far it has not worked, even with a $10 million additional contract. That is $30 million of your tax dollars to sell you something that most do not want!

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Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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