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Obamacare a Major Train Wreck!!!

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Let’s consider the 2nd train wreck of ObamaCare, aka the Affordable Care Act (or ACA) and its economic impact upon business and individuals in America.

The Obama administration set aside $20 billion in the 2009 "Stimulus Bill" to promote the adoption of EHRs or Electronic Health Records. They were supposed to develop an electronic version of patients' medical records that could be transferred from hospital to hospital or physician to physician. This procedure is called "interoperability" and President Obama claimed that this system development would create an $81 billion dollar savings and improve the quality of care. But no one believed those claims.

In January 2013 the New York Times, certainly a pro-Obama paper, reported what many health policy experts had predicted in an article entitled "In Second Look, Few Savings from Digital Health Records". With another embarrassment for the Obama Administration, it was reported that the only ones who benefited from EHRs were the companies that lobbied for the legislation in the first place. Furthermore, the NYT further revealed "The legislation has been a windfall to top executives at the leading health record companies." In other words? Good for the big systems companies, not so good for the small businesses and individuals forced to operate within the Affordable Care Act mandates.

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Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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