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A Train Wreck Happing Right Before Our Eyes!!!

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ObamaCare, aka the Affordable Health Care Act, (or AHCA), is not just one catastrophic business killer. There are several facets to this monstrous imposition upon business success and viability that you must consider. Let’s address the TRAIN WRECK NUMBER ONE formerly scheduled to impact our economy.

President Obama has recently taken the liberty (actually not allowed by our Constitution, but that’s another story), in delaying the employer mandate. Why, you might ask? Well, some Conservatives have declared that the delay to the implementation of ObamaCare is designed to help Democrat chances in 2014, especially in the Senate. But that is very difficult to see how. Let me explain.

The employer mandate was initially designed to cover employers who have 50+ fulltime employees. But many employers, seeking to avoid the imposed government expense attached to fulltime status, have opted instead to hire MORE workers at fewer hours (30 hours or less), thereby dropping those workers to part-time status. When the businesses have to choose between expensive penalties or very expensive regulatory compliance, they choose to cut back their employees hours substantially. In fact, while the latest job numbers look good, those statistics reflect a downward trend of fulltime new jobs down to 240,000 in June while part time jobs went up to 360,000—a new record!!

Cutbacks and layoffs are not the usual way to get out of a persistent debilitating recession. So by delaying the employer mandate, the Democrats have successfully postponed the implementation hardships that will come when ObamaCare is funded by the employer mandate, making the inevitable outcry against the Act an issue our politicians will not have to address with voters in the coming election season.

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Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format

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