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Your Response Reguarding the Sequester, (PART I)

Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

1) Should the Republican Party and House Speaker John Boehner compromise with the President to avoid forced Federal spending cuts?
   Yes, they should compromise
   No, they should not compromise

2) Do you think forced spending cuts generally hurt the economy?
   Yes, forced cuts hurt the economy
   No, they help the economy
   Have no effect

3) If the sequester includes military spending cuts, should Speaker Boehner continue it?
   Yes, continue it
   No, Speaker Boehner should not agree to such a deal

4) Should Republicans agree to Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthy to close the budget gap?
   Yes, raise taxes
   Yes, but raise taxes only on high-income earners (over $400,000/year)
   No, don’t raise taxes

5) The $85 Billion in cuts apply to the remainder of the 2013 fiscal year which ends Sept. 30. Without a deal, how much will government spending be slashed over the next 10 years?
   Nothing more, that is the extent of the cuts
   An additional $1 Trillion in cuts over the next ten years
   The National Debt will be completely eliminated within the next ten years

6) Specifically, who do you hold responsible for the initial concept of sequestration as a result of the 2011 budget negotiations breakdown?
   Mitch McConnell, Senate – Republican
   Jack Lew, former OMB Director, now White House Chief of Staff – Democrat
   John Boehner, Speaker of the House – Republican

7) Who insisted that steep cuts to the Defense Department accompany the domestic spending reductions in exchange for raising the debt limit summer 2012?
   President Barack Obama
   GOP candidate Mitt Romney
   House Speaker John Boehner

8) The House Republicans acted to replace the Obama sequester.
   True- by passing HR5652 and HR6684
   False-the Senate was the only body that acted on the sequester but was deadlocked in committee

9) "I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending." President Barack Obama

10) Who did you vote for in the last election?
   Barack Obama
   Mitt Romney

If you fill this form out manually please fax your responses to 630 475 3844

Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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