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The 2013 Post-Labor Day State of the Union!!!

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I present some daunting statistics reflecting the true state of Obama’s economy. After taking the time to digest these statistics, you’ll seriously question the claims that the US economy is recovering!!

  • 7 out of 8 new jobs created are part time
  • 54% of American workers earn less than $30,000 per year
  • Average duration of unemployment benefits in 2013 is 37 weeks, compared to 20 weeks in 2009
  • Over 8 million Americans have stopped looking for work, a higher number than ANY previous 4 year period
  • Over 90 million Americans are out of the work force
  • Our trade deficit with China was $268 Billion when Obama took office; it was $315 Billion in 2012
  • The American poverty rate stands @ 16%, higher than when the War on Poverty was initiated in 1965
  • Americans receiving food stamps is increasing by 11,000 applicants per day
  • A record 8,733,461 people received disability benefits in 2013
  • Number of Americans collecting disability benefits is greater than the population of the State of New Jersey
  • Latest income figures went down .3% in July 2013 due to the shift in work force from full time to part time
  • The cost of gasoline in 2009 was $1.85/gallon. Today the national average rests at $3.53/gallon and rising with the current Middle East conditions. Analysts predict that the national average per gallon will be a solid $4.00/gallon.
  • Average worker health insurance costs have risen 29% since President Obama took office despite ObamaCare promises of lowered costs
  • Average premium costs for family coverage have increased 18.7%
  • Instead of dealing with the ObamaCare mandates, employers are either cutting hours or not hiring at all. Even government workers aren’t protected. Consider this—small town and county governments are cutting back public employee hours to deal with the requirements of ObamaCare, small governments such as Chippewa County, WI; Middletown Township, NJ; Chesterfield County, VA; Lynchburg, VA; Bee County, TX; Brevard County, FL.
  • Major US industries, such as UPS will no longer offer spousal coverage if other insurance is available to the spouse in an effort to reduce the impact of ObamaCare mandates on the business bottom line
  • Every month for the past year, the US employment figures indicate an average loss of 146,000 full time jobs and an average gain of 119,000 part time jobs. This reflects an overwhelming shift in the economy with a drastic reduction in take home pay and a dire forecast for the US recovery for the rest of the year
  • In 2010, labor numbers indicated an addition of 114,000 full time jobs and a loss of 6,000 part time jobs per month. In 2013, that shift is indicated by an addition of only 21,700 full time jobs and a whopping 98,000 part time jobs per month. When looking at these numbers, employers are adding fewer jobs and what they are adding are part time jobs. And the cutting of hours are DRASTIC! Those employees working 30-34 hours per week lost 146,000 jobs per month, while workers employed at 25-29 hours gained 119,000 jobs per month. Some of these job shifts can be attributed to seasonal conditions. However, most companies dropping full time employees in favor of part time employees are across the board indicating that the shifts are due to seeking compliance with ObamaCare mandates.
  • The Labor Force Participation rate went from 66.5% of Americans employed in January 2007 to a new 34 year low of below 63.5% in July 2013.
  • Only 32% of teenagers were employed in the Summer of 2013 as compared to 52% participation in 1999
  • The Congressional Budget Office predicts that the US debt will be at $16.89 TRILLION by year’s end making each American’s part of the National Debt? A staggering $53,000 per person, with no relief in sight.

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Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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