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Why We Need To Drill for Our Own Oil Now!!

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My name is Malcolm C. Lunn, President of United Small Business, and I am sending out this letter to tell you that we must start drilling our own oil NOW!!

Were you aware that the Saudi Arabians are boycotting American products? In addition, they are gouging us on oil prices, generating profits upon a whim, and actually threatening to "take their business" to China as a primary customer should we choose not to "agree" with their policies in the Middle East (for instance, their angry response to our current Administration’s position regarding the ousting of Mubarak in Egypt!). In addition, Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad is likely to be in charge of the oil ministry when Iran holds the rotating presidency of OPEC.

Shouldn’t we return the favor to our Saudi "friends"? Do we really want to be at the mercy of our Iranian enemies? Isn’t it apparent that we should take control of our national destiny and make it clear to these giant oil exporters who REALLY generates their profits and insures their stability? AND how about leaving American dollars in America, thereby establishing a positive balance in our import/export deficit?

Consider this as an appealing remedy to our dilemma AND a step towards making our economy more self-reliant and our national security something WE control apart from economic blackmail exerted by the House of Saud and OPEC—BOYCOTT THEIR GASOLINE.

Every time you fill up your car or your company fleet, you can avoid putting more money into the coffers of Saudi Arabia and OPEC. Why send our dollars to countries who give the impression that they want Americans dead or, at the very least, powerless? To countries who despise our capitalist and democratic systems and are essentially governed by petty tribal dictators, some of whom are avowed enemies of freedom?!

The United States currently imports over 5,517,000 barrels of crude oil per day from OPEC. Do the math! At a rounded price of say $100/barrel, that’s over $550 million per day, more than $200 BILLION PER YEAR! The following companies import OPEC oil from the Middle East:

SHELL 205,742,000 barrels
CHEVRON/TEXACO 144, 332,000 barrels
EXXON/MOBIL 130,082,000 barrels
MARATHON/SPEEDWAY 117,740,000 barrels
AMOCO 62,231,000 barrels

And we provide Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez nearly $10 BILLION per year in oil revenues!!

United Small Business proposes this solution—purchase gasoline from companies that don’t import their oil from these tyrants. No more oil from the Middle East and countries like Venezuela. There are 10 domestic suppliers who DO NOT import OPEC oil: SUNOCO, CONOCO, SINCLAIR, BP/PHILLIPS (domestic), HESS, ARCO, MAVERICK, FLYING J, VALERO, and MURPHY OIL USA.

Not only do these petroleum companies give scholarships to all children who finish high school and are legal US citizens in the hometowns where they are based, they also provide other community grants and services. These are American invested and/or owned companies who reach and serve our citizens and only supply domestic oil products. All the acquisition information, where each company is required to state where they get their oil and how much they are importing, is available from the U.S. Department of Energy.

And finally, let’s make this nationwide campaign a true success story! United Small Business is sending this info out to thousands of members. Join in this effort. Take this notice, scan it into your computer and send it out to your entire email list. Copy this letter and send out fliers. Set out copies at your place of business. If you send this notice to only 30 customers, encouraging them to send it out to at least 10 more and so on, by the time this letter reaches the seventh generation of viewers, we will have reached, theoretically, 300 million plus people, the entire population of the United States!!

If you want to pay $5, maybe even $6 per gallon of gasoline, then don’t do a thing. Don’t pass this to your customers. Throw this in the trash. Forget about it.

But if you want to see an effort that can make a difference to our national economy and security, join USB today in this nationwide BOYCOTT of OPEC and Middle East oil. It is up to us, Americans, to do something about it!!

Malcolm Lunn
United Small Business of America

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