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Balanced Budget Amendment - A Petition

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Historically, the right to decide freely whether or not to join a union was taken away from American workers by Congress almost 75 years ago. As most of you may remember, United Small Business Of America has tried to liberate U.S workers from forced unionization and forever break Big Labor's multi-billion dollar strangle hold on American productivity. I bring to your attention that there is a bill now in the Senate called "The National Right to Work Act" which would accomplish this mission!

Decade after decade, union officials have colluded with political machines to seize billions of dollars from "members" and then use those funds to elect candidates who would protect atypical and, in some cases, outlandish public and private union privileges. This is how Washington--from FDR to Truman, Carter to Ted Kennedy, Pelosi to Obama—became what it is today. Every year, Big Labor siphons over $8 billion from workers’ paychecks, mostly from workers who would refuse to pay if given the option, but can’t now without risk of termination. This, in spite of the fact that 80% of Americans believe it should be against the law to force workers to pay money to a union just to get or keep a job.

"The National Right to Work Act" strikes at the core of union hierarchy’s power. You can well imagine why the union heads fear a vote on this bill—it signals a losing proposition for them whether this bill passes or not. The fact that it is pending presents an historic opportunity to break the debilitating economic cycle of "tax and spend" political corruption and crippling out-of-control State budgets aided by Big Labor's COMPULSORY union dues.

Join me in signing the "NATIONAL RIGHT TO WORK ACT PETITION" and let us strike now, while the IRON IS HOT (Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio et al), to force Congress to choose either standing with American opposition to forced unionism OR Big Labor's multi-billion dollar political clamp on American productivity. We will address the following facts in this petition to all U.S. Senators and Congressmen:

  • FACT—Federal Law permits Big Labor unions to confiscate $8 billion from members every year just to get or keep a job;

  • FACT—This forced unionization, which operates in 28 States, breeds violent strikes, drives good jobs overseas, increases production costs and risks re-igniting inflation;

  • FACT—Union leaders use this forced dues fortune to corrupt our political system with over a BILLION DOLLARS EVERY ELECTION CYCLE, and;

  • FACT—Unions’ puppet politicians routinely promote higher taxes, bailouts, job-killing regulation and bureaucracy and more and more spending, which keeps American productivity locked in a downturn that could potentially contribute to a double-dip recession…

Please sign this petition below, and fax it to your Representatives-

Malcolm Lunn
United Small Business of America
_______________________________   _____________________________________
Name Company                                           Name, City, and State

Malcolm Lunn
Chairman of the Board
United Small Business of America

Download a printable version of this document (In PDF Format) (In MS Word Format)

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