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Dear President-Elect Obama:

December 1, 2008

My name is Malcolm Lunn, Chairman of the Board, United Small Business of America. As you may remember, we are a national small business grassroots organization with an underlying membership of approximately 5,000 members.

"To be coerced to join or not to join?" is the question our members want to ask you. You stated recently that you wanted to represent all America, but this legislation, mislabeled as "Employee Free Choice Act", as you know, favors only "Big Labor" which has only 7.5% of the labor force.

Doesn't it seem incongruous to you, President-Elect, that at a time when we are spending billions of dollars to foster and support free elections around the world, your friends in Congress and "big labor" want to roll back the clock on our own workplace elections by abolishing federally protected secret ballots? Can't you see the dire consequences your actions would have on other nations if you sign this corrupt bill?

Not only this "card check union for all " bill would end secret ballots for organizing elections at worksites, but employees would be subject to peer pressure, duress, and public intimidation-no firm would be safe!! To make matters worse, this job-killing bill would require mandatory arbitration by government-appointed arbitrators if the union and the small business could not agree on terms of a first contract within 120 days. Finally, is it fair that this bill would increase the penalties against employers for violation of labor laws during union organizations' campaigns but, not increase penalties of unions that violate these same laws?

When I was with the United States Chamber of Commerce we documented 2193 incidents of union violence between 1991 and 2001, including numerous acts of attempted murder. And these figures include only violent acts reported in the media. Many more acts of violence were not reported because of fear of reprisal. By the way, the National Institute for Labor Relations Research has this documentation. If there were over 2000 incidents just reported with a secret ballot can you imagine a thousand times that number with an open ballot?

The states with right-to-work laws have performed better economically for workers of all types. In fact the Mackinac Center for Public Policy proclaims that right-to-work states over the past 30 years have lower unemployment, higher rates of job creation, and faster growth in GDP and per-capita personal income than states with compulsory union membership.

Samuel Gompers, the first and longest-serving president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) once said "No lasting gain has ever come from compulsion". Or, as a union official said about an organizing dispute a few years ago "There's no reason to subject the worker to an election." That is their mindset.

In summation, President-elect Obama, you should ask the venerable, 106 year old Ann Nixon Cooper, who knew Martin Luther King as a child, what her thoughts are about this opprobrious bill? Since she was unable to vote for decades? We also do not believe that Martin Luther King would be in favor of this dissolute bill- he gave up his life so his people would be treated fairly and have the right to vote in secrecy without coercion, public ridicule or intimidation at the voting booth. You might remember a letter he wrote from a Birmingham jail in 1963 where he stated "Give us the ballot."

We await your response.

Malcolm Lunn
Chairman of the Board

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