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The Wizard of "OB" Test

October 16, 2008

I believe before anyone votes on 11/4/2008 they should take this test, developed by Brad O'Leary and Victor Kamber.  Here is how it works. Every time you side with Senator Obama's position, give yourself five points.  These polling results were gathered from America's most reputable pollsters in the business, including Zogby International, Rasmussen, Gallup and Opinion Research.



1.) Should a doctor give medical care to a fetus that survives an abortion, or should medical care not be given?

Out of all Americans surveyed:

67.8% said it SHOULD be given

17.7% Obama position- said it SHOULD NOT be given

14.5% Not sure


2.) Do you favor or oppose a woman’s right to an abortion based on the sex of the fetus?

82.2% Oppose

12.3 % Obama position- FAVOR

5.5% Not sure


3.) Do you agree or disagree that a physician should be legally required to notify the parents of an underage girl who requires an abortion?

77.0% Agree

17.0 % Obama position- DISAGREE

3.4 % Not sure


4.) In general, what should be more important to Americans in their daily life-moral values or material concerns?

88% Moral values

6.1% Obama position- material concerns

5.9% Not sure


5.) How do you fell about partial-birth abortions?  Do you believe the government should make this procedure illegal, or do you think this procedure should be legal?

66.0 % Illegal

28 % Obama position- LEGAL




6.) Do you agree or disagree that American firearm manufacturers who sell a legal product that is not defective should be sued if a criminal uses their products in a crime?

13.9 %Obama position- AGREE




7.) Do you agree or disagree that laws prohibiting convicted felons and non-U.S. citizens from voting should be more vigorously enforced? 

70.1% of All Americans SUPPORT

21.0% Obama position-DISAGREE



8.) Do you favor or oppose an increase in the tax that stockholders pay on returns from 15% to nearly 40%?

Out of all Americans:                         Of which 70% who pay taxes     And the 30% of Americans who don’t pay taxes:

25.6 % Obama position- favor       22.6%                                       34%

65.9 %Oppose                                  58.5%                                        68.6%


9.) Do you favor or oppose increasing the "Death Tax" rate to 55% for any income pass the first $1 million?

Out of all Americans:                       Of which the 70% who pay taxes        And the 30% who pay no taxes

37 % Obama position-favor         36%                                                    39.6%

52.6 %Oppose                                        55.4%                                          46%


10.) Do you favor or oppose raising the top tax rate on the self-employed from 37.9% to 54.9%?

All Americans                                             70% who pay taxes         30% who pay no taxes

10.5 % Obama position- favor                7.4%                               18.6%

84.5 % Oppose                                         88.6%                               74.3%


11.) America's 3.7 million Sub Chapter S Corporations, which are small companies with less than 75 stockholders, are currently taxed at a rate of 35%.  Do you favor or oppose increasing the tax rate on these businesses to 50.3%?

All Americans                                             70% who pay taxes           30% who don’t pay taxes

8.7 % -Obama position-favor-               7.9%                                  10.8%

85.4 % Oppose                                         87.4%                                 80.8%


12.) Tell me which of the following top individual tax rates, which combine income and social security, do you think is the most fair?

                                   All Americans:       70% who pay taxes       30% who don't pay taxes

28% (under Reagan)         48.5%                          51.2%                        32.8%

38% (under Clinton)          27.7%                          24.4%                        36.1%

55%-Obama position      12.1%                         10.3%                       16.5%

60% (under Hoover)              .9%                          1.0%                               .7%

70%(under Johnson,
under Carter)                      2.6%                           2.1%                            4.1%

Not sure                            10.9%                           11.0%                          9.9%



13.) Should the United States begin drilling in Anwr even if we won’t realize the potential benefit for several more years?  Gov. Palin says the area covered is only 2000 acres out of 19 million acres.

54.1% YES

36.3% Obama position- NO

9.6% Not sure


14.) Should the United States begin drilling for oil 50 miles off our shores, as China is doing in cooperation with Cuba, even if we won’t realize the potential benefits for another 1-3 years?

68.1% yes

23.4% Obama position- NO

8.5% Not sure


15.) Do you agree for new plans to implement sweeping environmental regulations that will raise the cost of gas, groceries, heating, and air conditioning?

Out of all Americans:                                  70% who pay taxes              30% who pay no taxes

32.5 % Obama position-favor                 31.3%                                  34.8%

49.1 %Oppose                                           51.5%                                    43.4%

18.4 % Not sure                                         17.2%                                    21.8%


16.) There are 104 nuclear reactors in the Unites States today that produce 20% of America's energy needs and no accident has occurred at these reactors in 30 years.  Other nations, such as France, are far more reliant on nuclear power, as 77% of that nation’s electricity comes from nuclear sources.  How much of America's energy needs would you like to see nuclear reactors meet?

5.2% of all Americans say it should generate 2%

5.3% Generate 10%

12.0% Generate 20%

58.6 Generate as much energy as possible from nuclear energy

12.8% Obama position- No power from nuclear power

6.2% Not sure



17.) Do you agree or disagree with a $65 billion plan to institute taxpayer-funded universal health care coverage, which would provide health insurance for those currently uninsured, including illegal immigrants?

All Americans:                                             70% who pay taxes              30% who pay no taxes

35.1 % Obama position agree                 31.0%                                  46.5%

59.9 % Disagree                                        65.1%                                    45.5%

5.0 % Not sure                                           3.9%                                      8.0%


18.) Should federally subsidized health insurance pay for healthcare for America’s 12 million Illegal immigrants?

All Americans:                                            70% who pay taxes               30% who pay no taxes

18.2 % Obama position- YES                 15.0%                                   26.7%

78.1 % No                                                  81.3%                                   69.5%

3.7 % Not sure                                          3.8%                                      3.8%



19.) Should the United States negotiate with Iran without preconditions?

All Americans:

21% Obama position- YES

62.5%  No

6.5% Not sure


20.) Should someone who is not a U.S. citizen, being held under suspicion of terrorism, be afforded constitutional rights?

30.1% Obama position- YES

64.0%   No

5.3% Not sure

I recently gave this abridged "Obama Test" to my friends and teammates of different ethnicities and political persuasions.  The Republicans scored 0 to 5%.  The others were shocked, stunned and dismayed that they agreed with Governor Palin 80 to 90% and only agreed with Sen. Obama 10 to 20%.  What we would like you to do is "white out" the Obama answers and give this test to you friends, families, and employees.  Let us know how they did!

P.S. We are very pleased to tell you that if you would like to take the complete "Obama Test" go to www.audacity.com  It is in Chapter 11. The author has given his permission to download that chapter.


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