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The Beck Decision

The Beck decision is one of the most important special projects we've ever embarked upon-
The major reason for such slim margins in the House of Representatives and in the Senate is the growing political strength and influence of organized labor. They have over 400 union political action committees and have increased the flow of union PAC dollars a staggering 89.2% last election.

We are now exposing organized labor's "Achilles Heel" - the "Beck vs. Communication Workers" decision. In 1988, the Supreme Court ruled that it is a violation of the constitution's first amendment to force employees to pay union dues that are used to support political candidates or causes.

The unions, by a combination of misinformation, intimidation, and obstruction have managed to stonewall all efforts to enforce it. In this decision, the court found that 79% of each member's dues were not used properly. In the state of Washington voters passed a "paycheck protection" initiative in1992- where 85% of the teachers in that state declined to have their dues spent on any type of political contribution. In its' wake, the number of total public employee union members willing to have a portion of their union dues used for political contributions plunged from 40,000 to 82. Can you imagine the ramifications to the labor movement if labor loses union funds on a scale of this magnitude? Can you imagine the results in the next election with organized labor so crippled?

The defenders of the welfare state are gathering for another assault. In 2004, the unions, along with their allies- the trial lawyers and environmentalists- spent hundreds of millions of dollars in a desperate attempt to bring back the "tax and spend" philosophy that brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy. The assumption that every small business has unlimited funds and a bottomless pocket from which to support their employees under any contingency, from cradle to grave, shows how ignorant the anti-business forces are about where money comes from. 40% of union members voted against Bill Clinton in 1996, and 42% of union members voted for George Bush in 2004. Yet most union members are either unaware they can decline their political contributions to the union, or get that dues money back if they choose.

President George Bush Sr., through the Department of Labor, required federal contractors to post Beck notices to their employees, but President Clinton rescinded this as one of his first official acts in office.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote "To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical."

This year, we hope to get a sponsor for a federal bill, and will be pleading our case to President Bush as well.

***We also plan to push for the "National Right to Work Act" which would repeal the current federal authorization of compulsory unionism, thus permitting workers to decide whether or not to join a union at all.

Currently, 29 states DO NOT have right to work laws

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