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USB opposes all efforts to increase FMLA mandates, as well as opposing all efforts to enlarge the coverage to include employers with less than 50 employees. We believe that the FMLA already mandates significant and costly benefits, including intermittent leave (a much-abused provision which often makes attendance control programs futile). We continue to maintain that there should not be paid leave. We are already in a precarious position in California on this issue, where a 12-week paid leave period is being sought with a limit of $728/week or $8,736. This piece of legislation has already passed the Senate, with no limits on the number of employees a firm must have.

USB favors tax relief for small businesses, partnerships and S corporations. We support lowering the tax rate on reinvested and retained earnings for all flow-through entities. This reduction wil allow small businesses to grow faster, thereby expanding the economy as a whole. We believe that the current tax structure reduces significantly the amount of funds available for small businesses to reinvest in capital assets and employees.

USB strongly supports the tax limitation amendment. This amendment would restore fiscal discipline in Congress by requiring a super majority vote in both the House and the Senate to raise taxes. The amendment would force the government to evaluate its commitments and prioritize its expenditures, just as the business community must do.

The fiscal discipline of this amendment to the Constitution is vital to break the federal government's voracious borrowing habit. As of now, lawmakers are able to push paying for current programs into the indefinite future, thus delaying the fiscal impact of their spending decisions. This cycle leads to more spending of the taxpayers money than the taxpayers want to spend.. The Balanced Budget Amendment would lead to lower interest rates, increase productivity, generate stronger private investment and ultimately, we believe, lead to a higher standard of living.

Business must cut through the immobilizing web of state and local regulations by aggressively attacking OSHA burdens, eliminating them where possible and reducing them where necessary. As part of our assistance to our members, USB makes available to our members the OSHA-mandated posters and Illness and Injury Prevention Program at a discounted rate.

USB is vitally concerned about ever-increasing premiums, and their affect upon our small businesses. While small business is eager to protect employee benefits, it is important that the original reform guidelines be maintained. Excessive workers compensation rates are a two-fold threat--they drive small business from the state and/or they cause these same businesses to fail where they would otherwise succeed.

While opposing government-mandated healthcare initiatives, USB supports plans designed to make affordable healthcare available to smaller business employers. We advocate pools for small groups, individual plans tailored to meet small business needs and small business representation in healthcare administration.

Lawsuit abuse and a legal system that encourages plaintiffs to pursue monetary damages regardless of fault is a nightmare for small business. Small business is paying exorbitant insurance rates to support a bloated legal community. USB strongly supports the exemption of small business from deep pockets liability.

Many cities around the country are instituting a local minimum wage that the business community is then forced to pay employees. Known as a "living wage," this wage is higher than the federal minimum wage much of the time. USB supports legislation that allows the federal minimum wage to be the minimum wage that employers must pay their employees.

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