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Message to President Obama

United Small Business is sending to President Obama and Congress our 21st century "Contract with America," which will comprise of 10 Propositions and Constitutional Amendments crucial to our small business constituency. We are sending you a list of 22 relevant issues.

Please print this out indicate the ten most important issues to you by placing a "1" next to your 1st priority item, a "2" next to your 2nd priority item, etc.. Then fax it to us at the number below.

We will compile the results and report to President Obama, Congress, and our members next month.

Thank you for your promptness and assistance in this matter.

____Balanced Budget Amendment

____Expose Beck Decision-organized labor "Achilles Heel" this Supreme Court case ruled that no worker can be required to pay political dues against his will

____Court Approved- Line Item Veto

____Make mandatory picture ID at all voting polls

____Eliminate the A.M.T

____Return of "Grace Commission" comprehensive audit of Congress for waste, fraud or abuse

____Implement zero base line budgeting-guarantees honest accounting of our federal budget

____Make tax cuts permanent that are set to expire

____Develop hydrogen energy resources- it would eliminate both air pollution and global warming concerns.

____Regulatory Review Commission- to eliminate job-killing and economic growth-killing paperwork.

____Establish a cap on domestic discretionary spending

____Establish a nationwide "alert" using local chambers to monitor the courts and alert State legislatures whenever the judges behave radically

____Place into every school a copy of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights into one book for every student

____Tax Limitation amendment- 3/5 to pass a tax increase

____Reform Social Security

____Freedom to choose "flat tax" of 20%- alternative to 1040- pay lesser of two tax liabilities

____Flag Burning amendment

____Mandatory border enforcement

____Tort reform- plaintiff pays if he loses the lawsuit

____The United States must change the policy to support the use of countervailing duties against China and other countries considered to have "non-market," or government- managed economies. This is a W.T.O. Rule!!!

____Start a disciplined review process that will sunset obsolete federal agencies and force government to become more efficient

____Amend Constitution to allow individuals who have been citizens for at least 20 years to be President. We now have 12 million naturalized citizens today and over 700 foreign born people have earned the Medal of Honor, the highest U.S. military decoration.

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