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About United Small Business

In order to provide a more hospitable environment for small business to thrive and grow in this great country United Small Business formed to combine the voices of many to create one booming voice. Often political figures can turn a blind eye to small businesses since they don't tend to have as deep of pockets for contributions, etc. United Small Business goes straight to heart of issues, laws and pending legislation to lend their considerable weight to the discussion and make your political leaders aware of where you stand.

This is your organization built by you for you. What you need to survive and compete in business is behind everything we do. If it's important to you we strive to make it important to the powers-that-be. Within this site we highlight many examples of letters and communications made to legislators, congress persons, govenors and presidents. As an organization we help to keep our members informed and take their pulse on these and many other matters.

Small Business is the Backbone of American Commerce

Nearly 85% of all people employed in this country are employed by small businesses. If small businesses crumble the cornerstone of the whole American economy crumbles as well. We all have a stake in your success.

Two out of three new small businesses that start each year fail. Some of it is due to a poor concept or poor management, but government also plays an often important and detrimental role in these failures. In many cases if the government would get out of the way the locomotion of small business would roll through this economy like freight train!

When You Win We All Win

When a small company hires a new employee; he pays taxes, makes purchases of goods and services, donates more to charitable causes, saves more money and fuels what makes this whole economy work. Helping you succeed helps us all!

Your continued success is not just important to you, it serves the greater good. We look forward to your voice being added to many others that already have made their views felt through United Small Business. Join today and start taking you views and opinions straight to the top!


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